Venezuela: Juan Guaidó, the man declared himself president?


 Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido traveled to Brazil on Thursday visiting president Jeroboam son to and
ambassadors of European Union States it. was part of a tour of several nations meant to ratchet up International pressure on President Nicolas Maduro to step down at the United Nations. white-nose allies attempted to do the same the United States introduced a resolution calling for free and fair elections in Venezuela as well as humanitarian access but Russia would not have it we are seriously concerned by
the fact that today's meeting may be
exploited as a step for preparations for
a real not humanitarian intervention and as a pretext for external intervention they vetoed the draft which was supported by nine other council members
u.s. is Special Representative for
Venezuela said the biggest threat to the Venezuelan people came from thei


regrettably by voting against this
resolution some members of this council continued to shield Maduro and his cronies and prolong the suffering of them.
Venezuelan people
more than three million people have fled the country seeking food and medicine while others have taken to the street in protest after an election widely regarded as illegitimate supporters of the resolution pointed out that it contained no authorization for military force but Venezuela raised the specter of colonialism the power in Venezuela has to do with a Venezuelan sovereignty and the Venezuelan people they behave like colonialist I'm saying this is a project of free colonization of Latin America Russia introduced its own resolution reaffirming the territorial integrity and political independence of Venezuela but it only got four votes European countries which have also recognized white dough accused Russia of misrepresenting the US draft and
Venezuela of working against the
interests of its own people it is not
true that the dilemma in Venezuela is
between war and peace as they have said it is not true that a dilemma in one
ideology or another in Venezuela it is
between democracy and dictatorship so the international stalemate continues Nicolas Maduro remains in power and Juan Guido wonders if he'll be allowed to go home Christon salumi al Jazeera the United Nations

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