Good Girls Stars Tease Season 2's "Sexy Twists" Revelations Surprising

Good Girls
Good Girls

have you seen NBC's newest drama called good girls airs right before the late
feed it's about three mothers who are
feeling financial pressures from
mortgage payments fighting for child
custody and medical bills so they decide
to rob a grocery store
turns out the robbery was easy but the
consequences not so much good girls is filmed right here in metro Atlanta and
one of the stars of the show tells us we
have something here in the ATL that
Hollywood doesn't I lived really close to the Beltline which i think is an incredible thing to have to be able to walk especially in a
city where no offense there's so much
bad driving it is the worst I'm from Los
Angeles and I say that with a dead
serious face but that's the only bad
thing that I found about Atlanta I think
and the chaos definitely got a sampling
of our notorious Atlanta traffic filming
around Midtown Buckhead Sandy Springs Decatur and a few other places but they
did say the good stuff here in Atlanta
far outweighs the bad I think it's


the people were so nice the culture was so vibrant and cool so much art stuff to look at and really a lot of food gained a lot of weight and thanks for that taco bar taco was my post mates damn I'm feeling you on bar taco so remember to catch the good girls every Monday night
right here on 11 alive at 10 p.m.

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