PSG vs Manchester united

Manchester united
Manchester united

well it's an amazing first half in in many ways real some of the worst offending I've ever seen but it's madefor great entertainment and United have a real chance Oh Manchester United in
this game now I mean listen before the
game we spoke about where they could they would it be difficult but the way they started this game they capitalized on a mistake here good shape from the we
started to press in the front causing a
mistake there and Rommel in the park who. the best finisher at a club at the
moment in full man and it's a great
finish I mean he could have gone down
there red carpet way but listen he said
listen I see the goal I want to get in
the ball in the back of the net and
great finish good anticipation Mon a
good press and from Rushford as well
he's obviously not on penalties not open knowing exactly we thought it was gonna! be a battery but you can quite clearly. see from that angle yeah you know I
start with the back for ya they
certainly did but PSG came back you know. I'd had their problems defensively they
weren't coping at all in fact
defensively with the foreman actually
credit Piercy it was a good reaction
from them really to find a way to come
out United had issues down that
right-hand side for that whole first
half but good play you just highlight by
you there he's just he doesn't step up
get in that line there and even the
worst part is here in the second phase
he's got to get in there he's got a deal
with that he's a defenders cheese up his body language there is horrendous I mean he doesn't like a defender at all you suck a midfielder in the back for you it feels like you shouldn't be there him and young you have you ever really got to grips with this right-hand side I
mean everybody been negligent to keep him on the picture with no honest but but they could they could have had a couple of goals a couple of balls with
flashed across all from this side and
they just haven't worked out and it's
probably been a blessing oh my god left that there by being aware but it's a
blessing he's actually got injured not
to come off yeah I mean I said it was a
it was a bat fall but it probably was a
back three after all wasn't because he
he just wasn't at the races tonight and
to be fair Steve McManaman called after about five seconds he said this is a problem area spotted it straightaway and
there was just every single attack
seemed to go down these defenses or
something off playing out of position
you know top level game yeah aspect of
it you could say listen fee but this is
the intent to want in many ways is a bit
of a playoff for the worst right back
performance in that first off career for
PSG was Bor as wellbut you know United
came back Rushford does that dippy swervy one
michael yeah i mean it's one of those
that not necessarily trying to score
from that we're just here talking about
it before you're just trying to make the
goalkeeper drop it when the ball bounces
there it's literally impossible for a
goalkeeper to to actually catch it it's
just a matter of where the ball is gonna
drop and can he push it out wide II
and obviously that man again Bank on
time and you've got a play to the
conditions as well as what it's windy
there you've got to make sure you make
the keeper work and it's difficult dip
the ball like that and you're going to
get you're going to get your chances the
game is there to be won it certainly is
and we'll be looking forward to the

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