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Samsung Galaxy S 10

now with the Samsung Galaxy S 10 launched just a few days away with MWC just about a week away we have so look forward to in this wonderful world of tech but just to add to that juicy mouthwatering goodness we've got news
we've got leaks of these Xiaomi me9 and a possible charming mix for which might just look to rival Samsung's no 10 so without further ado let's get straight to it
hi guys like I said welcome back to a
brand new video now firstly we're going to touch on Andi Sharleen 9 and then we're going to move on to the possible news of the meet mix 4 so theme 9 is, of course, a chemise flagship for this year most people if
I'm being honest weren't expecting it
yet and that's because simply in recent
years they've released their meet
flagship between April and July time so
the fact that this launch is due for
just a few days it's come completely out of the blue let's see what we're looking
at firstly much like Huawei's week 20
pro and p20 pro before it and the galaxy s 10 we're going to have a triple camera and it's going to be made up of a forty-eight megapixel and a 13 megapixel now
remember guys pinch of salt we don't
know this for sure but that is a very
strong latest leak we can see that
triple rear camera set up on the latest
leaked images vertically in that top
left-hand corner these cameras have a
colorful accent around them and the back design is very similar to what we've
seen with a lot of åland products
recently especially beyond a view 20
with that very vivid colorful design and
again bear with me on this cuz I am just a little bit colorblind but it's looking
a little bit Bluegreen to me anyway let
I know what you think in the comments section below
I can tell the difference between pink
and black pink like the color of my
face because it's warm in here
and I'm wearing a jumper for some reason
and it's a turtleneck as well what was I
thinking and we believe that back design is going to have a sort of Hollerith
holler if it that's not a thing or if it
holographic like tendency similar again
to what we've seen on the Huawei and
honor phones it's gonna probably shift between different colors or different variants shades of colors again it's personal preference I more of a subtle person in the design I think it's a bit garish for me that sort of look but I know it's been very popular like I said
on the bar weight on a phone
holo rific and that holographic tendency come and I'm gonna read this because boo the me9 uses nano level laser engraving and dual layer nano-coating that's what it uses and we're getting holographic because of it now in terms
of launch and release date this is a
massive shot to Samsung because
been growing in sales year-on-year and
now I feel that they feel it's time to
shoot for those big boys in Apple and
Samsung and the launch day you guessed it the 20th of February exactly the same day as the Galaxy S 10 how do you feel about that do you think that's an OK solid move what do you think that's just a little bit snidely let me know I'd love to hear your thoughts that's of course one major rumor the second major rumor is, of course, the launch will be at
MWC either way it's all within around a
week of the Galaxy S ten launch making it one of the first smartphones to receive the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 the latest and greatest from them and it's going to be BAM now the front has that water drop or teardrop or dewdrop or drop notch design and follows on very much from the likes of the 1 plus 16

that we saw at the end of last year
here's a question do you feel that that
the design is already a bit outdated and do
you think that they should have looked
to have gone with the punch hole cut out
for example that we're gonna see from
Samsung and we've seen from honor etc
this year I mean in my opinion it
certainly looks better than the v8 last
year but that's not really in my opinion
very hard I don't think they put a lot
of effort and time into the design of
the me8 and I think that's what letting
that product down it its specs were
great its hardware was greatly just the
design was a carbon copy of the iPhone
10 and when the likes of the pocket phone f1 came out with pretty much exactly the
same look on the front but a lot cheaper similar specs it was a no-brainer for many people and I think their flagship the me8 got left by the wayside which is
possibly why they're trying to bang it
out earlier this year and get as many
bang it out early and get as many sales
as possible through the doors because
I'm guessing but don't quote me on this
I'm guessing they didn't sell the me
eight as well as they thought they were
going to now as a result of that new
smaller notch there is no room for 3d
facial recognition that we saw on the
MEAC pro last year is that a big
negative for you would you prefer to
have seen a larger knotch and that 3d
facial recognition or are you happy with
this sort of less secure perhaps 2d
facial recognition that we see on a lot
of those dewdrop notched phones now a lot of these images do come to us
courtesy of Xiaomi senior vice president who posted them on
Twitter and the Chinese social media
the platform at Weibo now to finish off the
leaked specs for theme 9 and again
remember pinch of salt a six point four
inch 20 to 80 by 1080 display to a full
HD Plus display are not a quad HD Plus
display that again we're gonna see with
the lights of the Samsung galaxy s 10
let me know whether that's a big thing
for you in a flagship a 3500 mAh battery
capacity again that capacity is highly
likely on the galaxy s 10 of a CBS 10
plus is going to have a 4000 or 4100 mAh
battery capacity that little bit more
Android 9 with me UI 10 over the top of
course Charmin skin it's gonna come in
Black blue white and gold out of those
colors what is your favorite I mean if
the gold is holographic oh that could
look pretty sick stop saying sick you do not call enough
to say sick 32-watt fast charging that
the battery will be charged by a 32 watt
fast charging setup again it seemed
unlikely we're gonna see a micro SD card slot that's not what shall we tend to do on there flagships and the RAM and storage variants 6 and 1/2 8 gigabytes and 8 + 2 5 6 gigabytes pinch of salt so if these specs are to be true what do you think and are they make or break for you are you looking to possibly get me 9 this year and if so why before I
let you go we've got me to mix for information as well
there has been a patent filed which
shows a Xiaomi smartphone with not one not two not three but four
curved display edges so it's looking
like in the pipeline we have a shammy
a phone which has the curved infinity
display which we've seen ever present on Samsung devices over the last few years but wrapping all the way around the phone so curved back curve from cur top curved bottom evidence curved the curves it's been a long day again and this ladies and gents even though there's no mention of a sort of an S Pen tight for the Xiaomi devices regardless of whether has the pen or not the actual overall aesthetics of this device look very note light boxy design but the infinity display and the full bezel as display going top to bottom left to right I mean
is this
you've been looking for now the design
also shows a dual rear camera of the top
left-hand side and what appears like no
buttons so similar to what we've seen
with the Meizu zero a phone that I
reported on about a week or so ago that
meizu are releasing that has no buttons
whatsoever whether you think that's
practical or not is another matter
no buttons or no ports but the design
looks very similar to that but we do
have a type C port on the picture anyway
of course, using a curved display isn't
new to xiaomi they used it with the
xiaomi note 2 its wrist released in
2016 but since then they haven't really
done a phone similar now we've kind of
got the note 2 on steroids so actually I
said them he makes four but it might be the long-awaited note 4 because the note
3 was a bit of a sidestep for me and
didn't really follow the footprint that
the Xiaomi Note line once started let me know the comment section like if you're interested in this latest device and why
do you think it's my mix for whether
you think it might be their Note 4 or
another phone or together from Xiaomi
because they make about a million a year
Let me also know if you are excited
Before me their latest flagship 9
To be launched in about a
The week or so very close for now
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