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Nokia-9 PureView
Nokia-9 PureView

With you ho chief product officer of a Tandy global and we're going to give you a world exclusive unboxing of the brand new Nokia 9 PureView don't do the honors you've probably done by all-purpose what is the most exciting thing about this.firms it has to be the unique camera you might have seen the leaks there are how many cameras on the back of this phone five cameras five cameras it's not a joke.๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ okay five cameras what whywhenwhohow there's a lot of questions but to start with this is a robust phone it seamless ip67 rated and encased in Gorilla Glass five using a 6000 series aluminium chassis it's got one dominant curve across the back which makes it pretty comfortable to grip it's got a USB C port and a single speaker and what
I do like here is that the cameras are
flush with the body there is no camera
bump but I'm gonna save you some time. and get the biggest question out of the way why do you need five cameras on I think it's gonna be the biggest question|that most people are gonna have sure very good reason for it so the more cameras you have the more detail you can capture so first of all two of the cameras are color right so we combine those for a very vibrant color information but then three of them are actually monochrome so each of the monochrome cameras get 2.9 times more detail than the color wants to do each of them captured with different exposure value you get benefits like astonishing dynamic range yes extreme detail all of that good stuff so this is gonna be
incredible for portrait mode you're
gonna get just ridiculous amount of
information in the photos so the depth
Nokia-9 PureView
Nokia-9 PureView

the map is gonna be crazy and you can
actually, refocus shots after you've
taken them it can shoot native
monochrome video instead of shooting in color and then converting it to black
and white and this can result in sharper
more detailed lookin shots it's got them
same both II feature we've seen on past devices from the company and it can also record 4k HDR video with spatial surround sound there is even more to the camera but a few other things I like are the display which is a five point nine nine inch quad HD plus OLED panel crisp is the word I'd use but also right and vivid Android one and running the latest Android 9pi which means that the phone is running this blissfully clean and blow to a free version of the software it'll get you three years of security updates two years minimum of key software upgrades and here's the kicker this is the entire list of applications that come included with it bloatware is at an absolute minimum which should also give the three thousand three hundred and forty million power sell a little bit of a leg up as there are no extra processes eating up your battery it's got an in display fingerprint scanner and if you're not a fan you can also scan your face for an Iassisted face unlocking but the main differentiation here really is this camera and a big part of the experience is not just the base photo that comes straight out of it tell us a bit more about what you can do with the photos after you've taken them all so two things first of all one thing that we wanted to cater for is more like a professional photograph or audience we captured that fool twelve point four stops of dynamic range that'sastonishing anything you can decide on how you represent that in the final image with the Adobe Lightroom that we've pre-loaded on the device and then secondly all of the detail from the five cameras so when it comes to DNG or เคฐाเคต file quality you haven't seen anything like this on a smartphone before bold claim indeed let's find out a little bit more about this camera alright so I'm
also here with constable Kerr who is a
professional photographer and he spent some more time with this than I have and
how did the five cameras help you well I was shooting wildlife and one escapes in Scotland and five cameras it's a high
dynamic range so you have utility
disguised yeah okay. so you have everything you could have with DSLR you think that this sort of leapfrogs
any other phone you've used yeah
definitely on camera wise us I should
always throw files myself and with this
Nokia-9 PureView
Nokia-9 PureView

one the RAW files are massively big
files and you can work on that for a
while more affordable according to the company, this camera setup can capture 10 times more light than a standard single camera
and I know I kind of skipped over the
unboxing experience so if you're
wondering what's inside you get an 18
watt fast charger which is pretty cool
and aside from that, you get a pair of
earphones and a headphone jack adapter and then just the standard instruction manual okay so to finish this video off
there was really just one more question
that I wanted to ask you ho all right so
this is a complex and a different camera setup so oh yeah how do you kind of where do you even start by trying to build something like that we actually have a couple of brilliant partners so
I'll start with a light you might know
these guys from VL 16 camera that they need so one way of looking at that is that we compress the same technology in the 8 millimeters beam body and then Qualcomm has done a lot of heavy lifting for us here we're actually using the DSP more than were using the CPU so we can do noise reduction three times faster at10 times lower power consumption so a really complex system like you said yourself and multiple partners bring you
together aside from all this the phone
is powered by the Snapdragon 845 chip
six gigs of RAM and 128 gigabytes of
storage so what do you think to the
device let me know in the comments.
Nokia-9 PureView
Nokia-9 PureView

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