Best Xiaomi 55 inch 4k television full HD TV

full HD TV
full HD TV 

hi there this is Manoj Gupta and in this
The blog we'll be doing the review for the
Xiaomi 55 inch 4k television which they
call it's a pro television and this is
 interface that we have and if
you've seen any Android television this
is what it is but as it's a methe best television that xiaomi has it's
a 4k panel panelist actually made by
Samsung it they say it also has HDR I
would make the video very fancy I'll
just get down to the points I've been
using this testing this for the last
a couple of weeks so I'll talk about them
picture quality sound 4k I've tested it
with various 4k sources like ps4 Pro etc
so I will talk about that and give you a
verdict what do I feel about this one
and this is the price in India for about
50,000 rupees so let's find out if this
television is good enough or not so guys
this is the television and as you can
see it runs over Android hence we also
have voice control Google assistant I'll
show you all those stuff later but th
television they also have their own
interface and this is what we have seen
in earlier me television so this is
their I personally haven't used this one
a lot but again if you have cable
television and stuff I think so you like
this interface a lot more because of you
have the TV Guide and all that
functionality if you have cable
television but I was mostly using this
television in this Android TV interface
and it's a full-fledged Android
television guys as you can see we have
support for Google Play over here so you
can install a lot of apps you have for
example Ted whatever and it installs it
pretty quickly for example if I just go
over here and if I just press install
it'll just download it and install it
and you'll have that option as you can
see but the thing is that its storage is
a little bit less I feel 8 gigabytes out
of that roughly about final half
gigabytes you have so yeah that's the
only thing that I have so you can
install a lot of apps Kodi
Plex as you can see but one thing you'll
notice is that you will not find apps
like Amazon Prime or Netflix on this so
that is something that is actually
missing on this television so for that
I'm actually using the Amazon firestick

use the voice command to switch to HDMI
the input I think so it's on HDMI to switch
to HDMI to as you can see with voice
commands you can do everything and this
is my Amazon Fire TV stick and I've been
using this for Amazon Prime and for
Netflix on this television let me
actually, also switch to my PlayStation 4
pro because many of you were asking
about 4k switch to HDMI one and this is
my PlayStation and it tests as you saw
that it came in 4k let me actually show
you many of you are asking does it
support 4k this is the PlayStation 4 Pro
guys, not the regular one so this
supports 4k and if you go to sound and
screen and video output setting I've set
it to automatic and you would click this
as you can see I have these two options
that means it's in 4k but by default
when you get it this television and put
ps4 Pro these two options will be grayed
out so don't worry it supports but you
have to enable a few options I'll show
you and to just show you that it is in
4k if I go to video output currently as
you can see this is in 4k and even HDR
is supported so yes 4k and HDR works
even on the PlayStation 4 Pro but by
default you won't get that option and to
enable that you have to go to the
settings go over here and go to device
settings and here in this HDMI to a menu
by default, it will off so switch it
on my PlayStation 4 pros on the HDMI one
so I've switched it on and once you do
that then you will get those 4k
resolution options and all those things
so 4k native support is there so let me
just get out of this one now and let's
go back to the main interface and for
example YouTube also works very well
it's fast no issues with that as you can
see and even 4k support is where you can
search for any videos whatever you want
for example geeky Ranjith videos I just
as you see it'll just play back one of
my latest videos like this and you can
search let's just go back to complete
support is there and as it has that
voice command it has complete Google
assistant, for example, you can ask even
stuff like what's the weather like as
you can see that works and I also like
the fact that the interface is fast it's
not laggy or anything so moving between
the interface is fast I haven't noticed
any lag ins while I was using the same
now to show you the picture quality I'm
just playing this video in 4k and just
notice how good the picture quality is
it has a lot of detail and even in
bright areas it's actually doing a very
good job
full HD TV
full HD TV 

and guys this is the native YouTube
player and it pulls in 4k let me
actually, show you as you can see the
picture quality is actually really good
on this television and but again guys
it's a VA pound so again if you want to
watch it from our faxes there'll be some
color shift but if you're viewing it
directly like this the picture quality
is really good let me show you let me
just go here and as you can see it's in
4k and set it to 1440p does my net
the connection is acting a little bit wonky
but yeah you can go up to 4k let's try

it might buffer but yeah it can pull in
4k and the picture quality as you can
see my net connection is having some
issues so yeah but as you can see the
picture quality is actually really good
now let's also test the sound on this
they say that it has Dolby sound and
whatever but again guys let's be very
realistic it's a pretty thin television
so it is actually louder than the
earlier me 55-inch television but the bass
is just oaky not that if you're
expecting home theater kind of a thing
you might be disappointed but the sound
quality is actually pretty good to let me
try to play back some royalty-free
soundtracks and this voice commands
actually, work very well I'm just gonna
playback this one to give you an idea

so guys, as you saw the sound quality, is
good it can get really loud and for a
the built-in TV it's good actually guys
but again bass you won't be there that's
the reality and moving to the remote
again as you can see it's a plastic
remote we just got a single remote like
this unlike many other TVs that are
bundling two remotes so you only have
this and I would say Xiaomi should have
put a little bit more buttons on this
because as you can see we have the
plus/minus volume that's not a problem
and it works and the good thing is the
Bluetooth it's a Bluetooth remote so
again you can just face it anywhere and
it works you don't have to point it to
the TV so that all is good but again it
has a very limited amount of buttons and
also, we don't have any mute button on
this so if I get a call or something
I've just hit this - - - for a long time
- muted and also we don't have quick
buttons for quick picture controls and
all these things you have to go and beep
into the menus to change anything so
very Manila ballistic remote yes it's
great but again when we want to tweak it
I find the remote to be a little bit
I like the voice functionality it works
and we also have a button dedicated for
this but they should have put dedicated
buttons for the mute button and also for
the picture controls so yes the mod is
fine but I would say it could have been
better move - one thing to note is that
if your wall mounting this television
the ports at the back are very difficult
to reach a few wall-mounted so be very
careful and if you are doing wall
mounting attach all your cables before
that because the gap is actually very
less I haven't wall mounted but I've
heard this problem from users who have
used using this television and have a wall
mounted so that is something you got to
be careful about it so what do I feel
about this television let's just treat
it and I'm gonna rate it based on the
pricing that is around 50,000 rupees
guys and yes many people ask me to
compare other televisions like Sony LG I
do have high-end televisions but they
are very expensive in those televisions
the picture quality is much better on
this the black levels are way better and
the colors also produce a little bit
better but considering the price point
of this television for 50000 the VA
the panel that you are getting if you are
not sitting on the
I would say for the price the picture
quality is good yes the contrast levels
and the color reproduction could have
been slightly better but I won't
complain too much and if I have to rate
it I would say for the price the picture
quality I would rate it eight point five
out of ten and yes it does support
native 4k as I mentioned now I'm going
to the sound for television the sound
quality is actually good and it is loud
again if we are expecting bass and stuff
because it says it supports Dolby and
all those things you'll be disappointed
but if you are looking at as a
television a normal television with the
speaker, I would say it's better than
many of the other television for example
even my Samson which is way more
expensive its built-in speakers are not
as good as this one
so yeah some quality is good but err if
you are expecting bass and stuff then
you would have to put a soundbar even
for my Samsung, I am using it for the
song but that's the real guy so sound
I would rate at seven point five out of
ten features I would say it's a
full-featured television Android
television so you have apps and stuff
but again some of the apps that we use
in India, for example, Netflix and Amazon
Prime is not there on this so that is
the hard reality guys so in terms of
features I would rate at 8.5 out of 10
and the remote controller I'm not a big
fan of it it's fully functional remote
you also have that Google Voice control
and stuff but some of the buttons like
mute and others what I've mentioned are
sort of missing so I would rate it 7 out
of 10 and overall if I have to rate this
television I would rate it 8.5 out of 10
it's certainly a very good television
but again the problem is that if you
start comparing it with Samsung's or
the LG's then you might be slightly
disappointed but again guys know Samsung
and LG s cost at least three to four
times compared to this one so for the
price it's actually good but again like
any other product it's not perfect so
guys that were my review for this being
55 4k television what do you guys think
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